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MPI Exhaust Technologies

Toyota Tacoma 2005-2023 V6 Truck Cat Back Dual Exhaust Kits

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Tail Pipes
Exhaust Tips

Make your Toyota Tacoma sound and perform the way it should by increasing the exhaust flow and enhancing overall power.

More power means you don't have to mash the go pedal as hard and as a benefit we have seen a 2-4 mile per gallon increase on the highway.

MPI V6 Performance mufflers are going to have a nice mellow sound, with a slightly higher noise level with a lower tone making it sound like a truck instead of a Hoover vacuum. Providing more growl at the tailgate and a bit more sound in the cab and guaranteed no droning.

Note: All our kits are produced for the longest wheelbase available for this truck. You may need to trim your kit. The included instructions provide all necessary measurements to make it a perfect fit

Reinforced for Heat and Corrosion

 Our Aluminized Steel Tube's raw material undergoes a continuous hot-dip process, building a coating across every millimeter of the surface.

 Hot-dipping results in a tight metallurgical bond between layers of an aluminum-silicon alloy and the tube’s steel core.

 The final aluminized tube possesses a combination of enhanced properties: the strength of steel sheathed in the corrosion resistance of aluminum and the heat protection of aluminum-silicon alloy. It also performs nicely against exposure to salts.